Academic Regulations

Academic Deficiencies

Master Courses Only

A student shall be dropped from the Master's Degree program if:

  • First academic semester GPA is less than 2.00.
  • Receives 'F' grade in more than one course or fails again after repeating the course
  • CGPA remains below 2.5 after completion of his course work even after availing the chance allowed under the provision of regulation “Repetition of Course”
  • The student remains absent for 30 or more consecutive days without valid reasons.
  • Attendance of the student remains below 75% in two or more subjects ('F' grade shall be awarded in the subjects in which student's attendance is below 75%).
  • On disciplinary grounds when recommended by the Discipline Committee.


A student shall be placed on probation at the end of 1st/2nd academic semesters if his CGPA is less than 2.5 but equal to or greater than 2.00