BS Civil Engineering Program of HITEC University Taxila is launched after grant of No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Pakistan Engineering Council vide letter No. PEC/AD/HITEC-T/DL-Civil(Zero)/2019 dated July 11, 2019 and permission from the Government of the Punjab granted vide letter No. SO(Univ)9-12/2015 dated September 26, 2019 .

Personel Information

Name: Dr-Engr. Syed Kashif Imdad

Designation: Assistant Professor

Department:  Electrical Engineering

Contact:         +92-314-5320579/ +92-51-4542746-5049 Ext. 359      

Email:             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • PhD Electrical Engineering, UPC (Spain), 2017
  • Electrical Engineering, UET Taxila (Pakistan), 2010
  • Electrical Engineering, UET Peshawar (Pakistan), 2007


Research interests

  • High Voltage Engineering
  • Electrical Power Systems
  • Dielectrics



  • imdad, Joan montanya, Najeeb hussain “Frequencies Dominations for Different Rating of Distribution Transformer Under Transients”, IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications 11 Apr 2018
  • Aging of polymeric insulators at Colombian Environment” International Journal of Engineering & Computer Science Volume - 12, No.04, Page 51
  • Temperature and Hydrophobicity of Silicon Rubber” Electrical and Electronics Engineering: An International Journal Volume 2, No 1
  • High Frequency modeling on transformer Equivalent Circuit Model for Different Resonance Frequency Loads “Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering” ISSN: 1582-7445, e-ISSN: 1844-7600” JCR IF; 0.459 , 2016
  • Transformer FFT Analysis of Piantini Model on magnetization coil for transferred surges “Electric Power research” 2016
  • Piantini High Frequency Model Analysis in Frequency Domain under Different Resonance Frequency Loads “Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology Korea” IJEET
  • High Frequency Transformer Model at known Frequency under transients Part-I “Elsevier Engineering”
  • High Frequency modeling of Linear Transformer for surge voltages calculations and its protections “Science , Technology and Development Journal Pakistan”

Funded Projects

  • Designing of wind mill to generate electricity from moving vehicles on roads (ICT R&D Funded 2011)
  • Selection of Suitable Material for Transformer Core Designing in order to reduce its Weight (ICT R&D Funded 2012)
  • Solar sterling engine for Power generation (ICT, R&D Funded Project 2013)
  • Zero head generator design for hydro power generation (ICT R&D Funded 2014)
  • Measurement of the distortion in the no-load current of a 40/400 kV power transformer (EU Funded 2015-17)
  • Power Transformers (26MVA and Voltage range (11-132 KV) (EU Funded 2015-17)
  • High frequency modeling of induction machine under transients (Ignite Funded 2018)


  • Lab Engineer, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor Department of Electrical Engineering, HITEC University Taxila

November 2007- Present)

  • HOD/ Assistant Professor Department of Electrical Engineering, Sharif College of Engineering and Technology, Lahore


  • Power system Analysis
  • Power System Protection
  • Power Transmission & Distribution
  • High Voltage Engineering
  • Power System Transients
  • Advanced Power system protection
  • Electrical Machines I,II
  • Electro Mechanical System Design
  • Power System operation and Control
  • Power Generation


Workshops/ Trainings Organized

  • Organize one day CPD workshop “High frequency modeling of power transformer under transients” at HITEC University Taxila.
  • Organize IEEE training “Advancement of Power systems” at HITEC University Taxila.



  • Pakistan Engineering Council (Elect/24868)
  • Institute of Engineers Australia
  • Industrial Engineers BCN Spain