Islamic Studies


Acting Dean Faculty of Basic Sciences

SyedFaculty of Sciences comprises Departments of Mathematics and Islamic Studies. Both the Departments offer post graduate programs only. The faculty of these Departments is recognized for its excellence in research. Over the years, the Faculty of Sciences has been very innovative in its approach to curriculum and course offerings. In designing the MS and Ph.D. courses, the faculty has endeavored to make them up-to-date. Similarly the courses offered at Bachelor level, are also designed to bridge the gap between theory and application. We are passionate about delivering inspirational, innovative and cutting edge teaching; this is our ethos and these goals are embedded in our strategy.

Our staff is as dedicated to teaching as they are to their research, bringing their knowledge into the learning environment and encouraging our students to develop and flourish in an academic community. Through research led-teaching, we pride ourselves on giving students the skills, knowledge, and the ability to discover and understand for themselves. Through this work, we ensure that they not only become capable and professional social science graduates, but also well informed and accomplished individuals.

Inquiry-based learning (IBL) is an important element of the `research-led´ learning experience. `IBL´ describes a cluster of strongly student-centered approaches to learning and teaching that are driven by inquiry or research. Students conduct small or large-scale inquiries that enable them to engage actively with the concepts and questions of their discipline(s), often in collaboration with each other. Learning takes place through an emergent process of exploration and discovery. Guided by subject specialists and those with specialist roles in learning support, students use the scholarly and research practices of their disciplines to move towards autonomy in creating and sharing knowledge

Apart from classroom teaching, the faculty remains involved in the supervision of the students while guiding them in various extra and co-curricular activities, literary pursuits and competitions within and outside University. The conducive environment provided by the Faculty of Sciences helps to attain its objectives.

Dr. Syed Tauseef Mohyud Din