Library will be remain closed on Saturday and Sunday.


Library timing: 08:30A.M to 10:00 P.M

Prayer & Lunch Break
01:00 P.M – 02:00 P.M



Library resources 

General Collection

This is the main collection comprising high quality selected books. This collection is organized according to Dewey's Decimal Classification Scheme and shelved subjects wise according to call numbers (000-999) pasted on the spine of each item.

Reference Collection

The significant number of current reference sources are available on reference shelves. Various electronic databases including, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, directories, yearbooks, atlases, bibliographies and thesis are distinct feature of this collection. The reference books can only be consulted within the library.

Journal & magazine

Library has a good collection of periodicals, (ACME and IEEE Transactions) all leading newspapers. Library Reviving 05 Daily national newspapers (Three Urdu and Two English). Local journals are also available in Library.

Digital Resources

Electronic resources of HITEC Library are available to the students and faculty by the efficient use of Local Area Network (LAN). HITEC Digital Library can be accessed only at the institute through and HEC Digital Library can be accessed through

HITEC University library is the member of HEC Digital Library network. HEC provides access to researchers to e-Books across a wide range of disciplines. Access of Database like SPRINGERLINK , TAYLOR & FRANCIS Journals and as well as E-Brary (Collection of online books) available in our digital resources.

Electronic Resources

HITEC University has approximate 2110 CDs in which digital books and other study materials are available. Student / Faculty can get its softcopy, or can issue for one day. Student can also use this material within the library.

Library Database

HITEC University library provides the best possible learning and research environment and support to the faculty and students. To make precious library resources easily accessible 24/7, HITEC University Library used LIBMAX integrated library System. LIBMAX Integrated Library system also offers the Web OPAC, Circulation, reservation of books and complete book detail.


Library FAQs

  • How can I get my library card?

Your University ID card is treated as library membership card.

  • How do I borrow books?

You can use the library circulation desk for the book borrowing.

  • Can a non member of HITEC University library borrow books?

Non members are not allowed to borrows books.

Borrowing Books:

  • How many books a member can borrow?

Membership Type

Allowed Books



Faculty (visiting)


Non –academic staff




  • For how long one can borrow books?

Membership Type

Duration (Days)


6 months

Faculty (visiting)

6 months

Non –academic staff

2 weeks


2 weeks

  • How can I know about the due date?

You can check your membership account on library software LIBMAX for this purpose.
You can also see the due date on the due date slip at the end of book.

  • Can someone else borrow books for any borrower?


Hold Requests:

  • How can I hold books?

You can send your hold request to library circulation desk manually or you can hold/reserve any book through your library membership account.

  • What is the time period of holding books?

Books can be hold or reserved only for 24 hours.

Returning Books:

  • It is necessary to show the ID card of library while returning the books?

Not necessary.

  • Can someone else return my books?


  • How much charge of late book?

Membership Type

Fine (If any)



Faculty (visiting)


Non –academic staff



Rs. 5 per day

  • What happens if I misplace / damage a book?

Book(s) lost, damaged, or mutilated in any way by a member shall have to be replaced or paid for. The cost of such book(s) shall be double the prevailing cost plus an additional 25% departmental charge. The price of rare book(s) shall be decided by the Librarian.
1. How can I pay my fine?
You can pay any type of library fine to the Account office.


  • A mini Book exhibition has been arranged for Computer Science Department.
  • New LED Tube Lights installed in library.
  • Enhancement of sitting capacity for library users.
  • Libmax Library Software upgraded to new and latest version (3.2)
  • More than 2000 Books/thesis have been added to Library stock.
  • Wi-Fi service is now available within library.
  • Included new and latest Dell Core i3 PC’s in library.
  • Add new section for BS, MS and PhD final year Thesis/Project reports.
  • Internal audit of library has been done by Account office.

The University library is for the benefit of members of HITEC University library. Any person considered to be acting in a way detrimental to this purpose will not be allowed to use the facilities.

  1. Silence must be maintained in areas designated as “Quiet” areas and in any event noise should be kept to reasonable levels and as appropriate to the designated area. Please do not make noise
  2. Use of cellular phones, smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted.
  3. Users are not allowed to reserve seats in the library.
  4. The library staff will remove books and other materials left unattended for long periods on the table.
  5. No bag, umbrellas, parcels, etc. except files and books which may be brought into the Library. Adequate storage facility is provided at the entrance of the Library. However, the Library is not liable for the loss of items stored.
  6. On leaving the Library, all users are required to produce for inspection all books and items taken out of the Library.
  7. The Library staff has the right to request a user to leave the premise if the user violates the rules.
  8. Library members are not allowed in staff work areas unless accompanied by a member of the library staff.
  9. The Library will not accept responsibility for the loss or misplacement of personal belongings.
  10. In the event or any other visit of an emergency requiring closure of the Library, all the members must leave immediately upon being asked to do so by the librarian.
  11. The Librarian may amend the Library Rules and Regulations as and when necessary.
  12. The Librarian is empowered to withhold Library facilities for any infringement of these rules.