Manager Admin

Major (Retd) Wasim Ahmed

Masters in International relations


The Manager Admin is responsible for:

  1. General administration of the campus
  2. Procurement and provision of office equipment, furniture and stationery to offices and classrooms
  3. Provision and maintenance of Telecommunication services
  4. Ensuring safety/security of building and equipment in co-ordination with HITEC Secretariat
  5. Allotment of accommodation to faculty and students
  6. Timely Payment and maintenance of utility services
  7. Looking after horticulture aspects of the campus
  8. Arrangement of transport for faculty and students
Contact Designation   Extension
Major (Retd) Wasim Ahmed  Manager Administration   306
For further queries, please contact Director Administration Office, HITEC University, Phone No. (051) 4908146-50 Ext. 306 Fax-051-4908145,