Dear HITONIANS Greetings and Salutations. With immense gratitude and honor I welcome you all to the very first portal of HITEC University Alumni Association. With virtue, dignity and strength we all somehow some where do possess the ability to grow and unleash the hidden spark, the need is just to take the first step. And as our Slogan says “ Dedicated to Unify, Committed to Deliver.” HITEC University Alumni Association believes in self reliance which automatically broadens opportunities and pathways for others as well. I look forward to a very promising future of our Alumni Association. HITEC University is my second home, a place where I did not only learn the curriculum and got a degree it’s a place where I was groomed and nurtured for my sound future career which every individual dreams of. I would like to thank the Vice Chancellor HITEC University Brig (Retd) Engr. Qamar Zaman for his ongoing supervision throughout.

Syeda Zainab Bukhari
President HITEC Alumni Association