23 Nov 2019

CPD short course entitled “Dielectric and Electrical Insulation Materials”

The Electrical Engineering Department at HITEC University invites Professionals and students to a one day CPD short course entitled “Dielectric and Electrical Insulation Materials” on Nov 23rd, 2019 at HITEC University.

The speaker for short course is Dr. Kashif Imdad, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, HITEC University, Taxila. Professionals and students from different universities and organizations are invited to attend the course.

The program for the short course is as follows:






·         Introduction to different kind of materials used for insulation

·         Properties of dielectric materials

·         Passive elements as electric insulation in high voltage devices

·         Gases, Liquids and solids insulators

·         The nature of the dielectric response from stimulus of an electric field

Prayer & Lunch Break


Lunch  will be served



·         Polarization and depolarization

·         Dielectric breakdown mechanisms

·         Aging phenomena and long time behavior

·         Techniques of analysis for state estimation of insulation materials like SEM, FTIR,  Hydrophobicity 

·         Representation in time and frequency domain

This CPD short course carries 1 CPD point. Registration fee is Rs. 3000/- for Professional/Other Institutes and   Rs. 1000/- for HITEC Students. On-spot registration facility will be available at the venue. 

Thank you and we look forward to maximum participation from your organization.