Dean Faculty of Engineering & Technology

VCFaculty of Engineering and Technology comprises the Department of Electrical Engineering (EE), Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CS&E). The first two Departments offer Bachelor, Master and Doctoral academic programs in their respective areas of specialization. The Department of CS&E hosts Bachelor and Master level studies and measures are in hand to launch Doctoral programs as well. Our Electrical and Mechanical Engineering programs are fully accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council and are in total compliance with Higher Education Commission guidelines. Accreditation of CS&E programs are under process

We follow Semester System of education and our teaching, learning and evaluation processes are similar to those practiced in reputed universities of the U.S.A. The Engineering Faculty consists of highly qualified and experienced academicians and researchers holding Ph.D and MS level qualifications from institutions of universal repute. Besides keeping abreast of the latest developments in the knowledge of their respective domains, the faculty members actively participate in the R&D activities. This stimulates new ideas and innovative thinking to guide our students in their research phase of studies. The minimum qualification for teaching undergraduate classes is an MS / M.Phil degree in the relevant field. Similarly, all Master level courses are taught by Ph.D qualified faculty only.

The class-room teaching, in HITEC University, is complemented with indepth hands-on experimentation in spacious, well furnished, and very well-equipped laboratories. In this context, we do claim a unique position amongst other competing institutions, as each of our EE and ME Departments hosts 12-dedicated laboratories. The laboratories of CS&E Departments are also equipped with state of the art machines and other allied facilities. We are now focusing on enhancing our research potential for postgraduate programs.

Extensive details about curricula, faculty, laboratories and research opportunities can be gleaned from the relevant description of the concerned Department from the prospectus.

A special point to note is that HITEC University is now transforming into an “OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION” center and aligning its academic programs with the requirement of “WASHINGTON ACCORD”. Consequently, our degrees would be reckoned as substantially equivalent to the degrees awarded in the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.

So, if you aspire to be a proficient Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Engineer or an accomplished Computer Scientist, we are here to groom and equip you with requisite knowledge, skills and the attitude for your acceptance in the national and international job markets.

Dr. S. Kamran Afaq