Department of Civil Engineering


Launching the department of Civil Engineering is the latest initiative of HITEC University. It has, however, taken nearly three years of requirement analysis, a deep appraisal of Civil Engineering offered by other institutions and the unique and distinguishing features which should be the Hallmark of our Program. Civil Engineering department of HITEC University enshrines the same attributes due to which our other programs are recognized, at the national and international levels. These attributes are top class faculty, very well equipped laboratories and the unstinted commitments to impart state-of-the-art knowledge. All those who desire to study Civil Engineering must select a university which pursues the Outcome Based Education (OBE) philosophy and functions under the Washington Accord criteria of quality teaching and learning with respect to this vital point. Our Civil Engineering program stands to benefit from our proud legacy of 5-years. The Civil Engineering department has highly qualified and dedicated faculty with diverse intellect, creativity and talent. The department hosts excellent laboratories stocked with latest equipment and are placed in environmentally controlled premises. Besides its own laboratories, the department shares requisite facilities of Electrical, Mechanical and Computer engineering departments. The department follows the curriculum as per guidelines of Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). The subjects of the program fully meet the diverse knowledge which constitutes vibrant and ever evolving demands of Civil Engineering discipline.

The Civil Engineering department is endowed with all these essentials which are found in any reputed university. We, however, do consider our students to be the most valued asset. If you happen to be those fortunate students who wish to pursue a career in Civil Engineering, we commit to impart the knowledge, the professional skills and a positive attitude to realize your dreams. We will groom you into professionals who are always in demand in the national and international market