Room Instruction HITEC University Hostel

Hostel students will ensure following:

  • 2x Bedsheets are issued to each student. Their beds should have bed sheets all the times, otherwise fine will be imposed on defaulters.
  • Will keep the room clean.
  • Will not change the layout of the room.
  • Will drop all sort of rubbish in dust bin.
  • Will keep their cupboards neat and clean.
  • Students will lock their rooms while leaving for classes/home or else where. Will use the locks issued to them by DSA Office.
  • In case, students misplace the lock keys (issued by DSA Office), they will purchase the new lock of same make and type and replace the previous one.
  • Students will not hand-over their room keys to a student who is not resident of that particular room.
  • Electric iron/music systems are not allowed in hostel and will be confiscated and fine of Rs. 1000/- will also be imposed, if found.
  • Students will use good quality locks on their almirahs.
  • Will remain vigilant against any theft and take care of their valuables.
  • Lights off timings that is 2355 hrs (midnight) will be observed strictly.
  • Will fall back (after leave / weekend) in HITEC University Hostel/campus latest by 2200 hrs.
  • Students will fill the in/out register (place at reception desk) while leaving the hostel for homes or any purpose / coming back to the hostel. Fine will be imposed on students who will not follow the in / out practice.
  • Fine will be imposed on defaulters (violating the room instructions) and against any damage/ breakage.
  • Student will not keep with them expensive items like expensive wrist watch, expensive cell phone etc.
  • SMOKING is prohibited any-where within the University campus, particularly in the hostel premises. A fine of Rs. 2000/- (Rupees Two Thousand only) will be imposed against the students found smoking and if cigarette buds are found in any hostel room, each occupant will be fined, Rs.4000/-.



For any query, Warden, Mr. Zeeshan Habib (New Hostel), Asst Warden Mr. Tahir Altaf Butt (Old Hostel) and Hostel Supervisor,      Mr. Imran Khan OR Mr. Alla-ud-Din Khan (DSA Office) may be approached. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)