Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics aims at providing a comprehensive knowledge of Mathematics at undergraduate as well as graduate and doctoral levels. At undergraduate level the students of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science are provided with high quality knowledge of Engineering Mathematics. Furthermore, at MS (Mathematics) and PhD (Mathematics) levels the students are imparted state of the art education. These programmes have earned a great repute over the years and students all over the country show great enthusiasm for admission in the Department of Mathematics HITEC University.

Apart from going through the course work, the students are encouraged to carry out quality research work, leading to publications in renowned international journals. The syllabi have been designed to enrich the students’ understanding towards the subject of Mathematics with a view to helping them encounter practical problems successfully in their careers. Utmost emphasis is laid on conceptual learning and application of Mathematics to the real world problems with the help of good examples and exercises. In this regard a balance is maintained between applications and the basic principles behind them.

The curriculum of Mathematics focuses primarily on the development of fundamental tools that are essential for all engineering majors and provides a strong foundation, which allows the students to cope up with the basic Mathematical and physical concepts of engineering. At the same time the curriculum for MS and PhD programmes has been synthesized with the objective to produce high quality Mathematicians of international standard.

Being mindful of the importance of the subject of Mathematics, the University has inducted highly qualified permanent faculty members, mostly PhD, to meet all the challenges at undergraduate as well as graduate and doctoral levels.

Apart from directing the students in the discipline of Mathematics, plentiful emphasis is laid on their character building. This aspect is taken care of consciously so that after graduating from this institution they should not only portray themselves as good Mathematicians but also as good citizens and good Muslims.