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HITEC University shall be a premier institution and bastion of academic excellence. It must become a citadel of our ideological moorings, national integration and socio-religious values. HITEC University ought to trigger the human mind to think clearly perceiving the environment and issues confronting human beings, seeking intelligent, viable and practical solutions, leading to societal development and the overall betterment of human race. The campus shall provide our progeny the environment for intellectual flourishment, nurturing fertility of thought and creativity. HITEC University faculty will focus on preparing our youth to face the challenges of life with honor, confidence and fortitude through character building and grooming. In HITEC University merit, justice, honesty and adherence to moral and social values must prevail. The University shall provide a pedestal for fulfillment of our youth's aspirations and hopes to live an honorable life as citizens of Pakistan.


HITEC University will be a centre of excellence in teaching, learning and research. We instill and inspire intellectual curiosity, a lifelong quest for knowledge and a keen urge for social and moral responsibility. The University will establish strong linkages with industry, ensuring innovative research leading to economic prosperity of Pakistan.