Department of Mathematics

About Department


It is a universally established fact that Mathematics infuses logic, rationality and a systematic process of analysis. These attributes provide the requisite “spine” to basic sciences formulating the foundation of all engineering subjects. The Department of Mathematics at HITEC University was established in 2010 that aims at providing a comprehensive knowledge of Mathematics at undergraduate as well as graduate and doctoral level. At undergraduate level the students of engineering disciplines are provided with knowledge of Applied and Engineering Mathematics.

The MS & PhD (Mathematics) program has earned a great reputation over the years and students all over the country show great enthusiasm for admission to the Department of Mathematics HITEC University. The students are imparted state of the art education, and the curriculum has been synthesized with objective to produce conceptual and motivated mathematicians of international standard. Various syllabi, therefore, have been designed to enrich the students’ understanding towards the subject of Mathematics with a view to helping hem encounter practical problems successfully in their careers.

Apart from going through the course work, the students are encouraged to carry out research work, leading to publications in renowned international journals. Being mindful of the importance of subject of Mathematics, the University has inducted highly qualified research oriented permanent faculty members, all PhD’s except two to meet all the challenges at undergraduate as well as graduate and doctoral levels. The Department has successfully produced 22 PhDs and 200+ MSs in a typical span of time.

With the launch of four-year BS (Mathematics) in Fall-2019, the Department is now going to build its own incubation space for the research students to embark on MS & PhD program of Mathematics at HITEC University. This program will develop the analytical, abstract and structured thinking of students. The students will be able to acquire the skill and knowledge from an exceptionally broad range of topics covering Pure and Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Analysis, Statistics and Operational Research. From Fall 2024 Department will be offering a unique of its kind degree “BS Mathematics with Minor in Artificial Intelligence”. This four-year undergraduate degree program is carefully designed in line with HEC UG Policy 2023.

Despite teaching Mathematics, a plentiful emphasis is laid on the character building of young students. This aspect is taken care of consciously so that aſter graduating from this institution they should not only portray themselves as good Mathematicians but also as good citizens and good Muslims.

The department has successfully pitched a dedicated and flagship forum “ICAEM” for Mathematics community that provides a platform for the presentation and discussion of newly emerging ideas and concepts in the field of applied and Engineering Mathematics. It intends to bring together the system designer and practicing Engineers to gain cognizance of the researchers’ state-of-the-art findings covering a vide domain of applications in the field of Mathematics. International Conference on Applied and Engineering Mathematics is the event that is organized annually under the auspicious of Mathematics Department HITEC University. National and International Keynotes are specially invited to present their research work at the occasion.