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Fines/Penalties on Late Payments

The following fine will be levied for payment of fee after due date:

After the due date till first ten days from the start of semesterFine @ 5% of the total payable amount
After 10th day from the start of semester till 20th dayFine @ 10% of total payable amount
On 21st day from the start of semester Registration shall be suspended
  • For re-activation/restoring of registration of the student by the department within first four weeks of the semester, the student will be required to pay Rs. 5,000/- as reinstatement fee along with all outstanding charges and fines.
  • On the 1st day of the fifth week of the semester, the enrollment will be closed and the student who fails to deposit fee and has not been restored, will not be allowed to continue his/her studies in the semester.
  • In any case the student will not be able to attend classes till clearance of dues.
  • Timeline shall be calculated continuously, covering both weekdays and weekends