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Fee Structure

The fee structure for the students registered in the academic year 2020-21 in different disciplines of undergraduate & postgraduate is as under:

ProgramsAdmission/Registration Fee (One Time) Non Refundable in all casesSecurity Deposit (One Time) RefundableSemester Fee*
BS EngineeringRs. 30,000/-Rs. 20,000/-Rs. 110,000/-
BS Computer SciencesRs. 30,000/-Rs. 20,000/-Rs. 81,000/-
BS Software EngineeringRs. 30,000/-Rs. 20,000/-Rs. 81,000/-
BS MathematicsRs. 20,000/-Rs. 15,000/-Rs. 50,000/-
BS PhysicsRs. 20,000/-Rs. 15,000/-Rs. 50,000/-
BS EnglishRs. 20,000/-Rs. 15,000/-Rs. 42,000/-
BBARs. 20,000/-Rs. 15,000/-Rs. 75,000/-
BS Islamic StudiesRs. 20,000/-Rs. 15,000/-Rs. 30,000/-
MS EngineeringRs. 20,000/-Rs. 15,000/-Rs. 6,500/- per cr hr
MS MathematicsRs. 20,000/-Rs. 15,000/-Rs. 6,500/- per cr hr
MS Computer SciencesRs. 20,000/-Rs. 15,000/-Rs. 6,500/- per cr hr
MS Islamic StudiesRs. 20,000/-Rs. 15,000/-Rs. 4,000/- per cr hr
PhD Rs. 20,000/-Rs. 15,000/-Rs. 6,500/- per cr hr
Thesis Fee Rs. 20,000/-

Note: Tax will be applicable on the Fees as per Government Rules. Taxable Fee as per Section 236(I) of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 includes Semester Fee and all charges received by the educational institutions, by whatever name called, excluding the amount which is refundable. It also includes hostel and transport charges. Semester fee includes tuition fee, examination fee, lab charges and sports subscription etc.

Payment of Dues

  • The registered students must deposit their semester fee in the HITEC University’s Fee Collection Bank Alfalah Ltd / Askari Bank Ltd mentioned on the fee challan.
  • The University Fee Challan will be downloaded by the students by logging into MIS user ID.
  • All registered students of the University should deposit their semester fee in advance on due date before commencement of classes of that semester, thereafter, fine/penalty will be charged as per University policy.
  • At the time of admission students have to pay the admission & registration fee, security deposit and full semester fee in advance. Candidates can deposit the fee online, after taking print of Fee Challan, in Bank Alfalah Ltd or Askari Bank Ltd mentioned on the Fee Challan.
  • All students have to pay their Full Semester Fee and allied charges in advance before the commencement of semester.
  • Submission of “Online Fee Deposit Challan” to accounts office HITEC University is the responsibility of the student in order to register in the semester.