Human Resource

Perks and Privileges

  1. Education Subsidy and other Incentives
    1. Subsidy in Own Tuition Fee. All permanent employees of the University will be provided 100% subsidy on tuition fee for their own education for MS and PhD programs from the faculty development fund; however he / she will pay admission / registration fee. The employee will be required to deposit his original academic documents with the Registrar Office and sign an agreement to serve the University for a period of one year for MS and two year for PhD after completion of these studies.
    2. Fee Concession to Wards of Employees. Wards of the employees of the University will be given 50% concession in the tuition fee of the University.
    3. Personal Interest Free Loan. All employees are entitled to loan equal to three months salary without interest once in three years to meet their personal needs which shall be returned in 12 monthly installments. The employee will be required to provide the Treasurer Office 12 post dated cheques against the sanctioned loan. Extending this facility is not a matter of right and will be extended subject to availability of funds.
    4. Loan for Purchase of Laptop. All employees are entitled to interest free loan for the purchase of laptops which shall be returned in 12 monthly installments.
    5. Incentive for Presenting of Papers in Conferences/Seminar. University will fund up to Rs 75000/- to a faculty member for presenting a paper in a national/ international conference / seminar.
    6. Publications.
      1. Book. On publication of a book following remuneration will be paid:-
        1. International Level. Rs. 100,000/-
        2. National Level. Rs. 50,000/-
    7. Paper. Publication of Paper in ISI indexed Journal, Rs. 20,000/- per paper
    8. Chapter in book of International Level Rs. 10,000/-
  2. Welfare Fund. A Welfare Fund shall be generated to support the low paid employees and meet their needs in case of financial hardships. This fund will be used to meet the expenses incurred on the personal marriage/ marriage of wards of low paid employees, funeral expenses of deceased serving employee and to support the deceased family. All employees shall voluntarily contribute to the welfare fund as under:-
    1. All Officers/Faculty including Lab Engineers Rs. 200.00 per month
    2. All other Staff Rs. 100.00 per month
  3. Death/Incapacitation during Service. In case an employee dies or is declared permanently incapacitated for further service by a designated hospital or doctor while in service, a lump-sum payment equal to full pay up to maximum of six months out of the leave at his credit shall be made to his family. In case no leave is available to his credit, funeral grant equivalent to one month pay shall be paid to next of kin of employees in case of his/her death in service.