Department of Management Sciences

About Department


The 21st century brings a new set of unprecedented challenges for the corporate world, which has translated into the need for a truly global and efficient workforce. The Management Sciences program provides the foundations for creating, transforming, and leadership of sustainable, innovative enterprises for the graduates. The essence of Management Sciences rests in its practicability in problem-solving and decision making by using qualitative and quantitative methods. Business education is one of the most sought-after degree programs in the country, irrespective of the economic situation; a business administration degree can always help realize dreams. The Department of Management Sciences at HITEC University is established to prepare graduates for an influential career by combining business fundamentals with a global perspective. Students will be able to lead and guide society with vision and have the ability and skills acquired through appropriate training to manage its resources effectively and cater to national and international organizations' needs and requirements.

Our vision at HITEC University in general, and the Department of Management Sciences in particular, is to arouse curiosity in our students and to concentrate on solid core courses that will prepare them for success in their chosen field of study while also giving them the flexibility to pursue their interests and passions during their degree, with the choice of majoring in an area of interest. We are committed to producing forward-thinking managers and leaders that impact the lives of real people and businesses. To achieve this objective, particular importance has been given to designing a business curriculum developed by highly competent professionals to ensure a comprehensive and wide array of subjects to manage the dynamic business world's needs. The curricula and syllabi are designed according to the Higher Education Commission's guidelines and the requirements of the business world. Our distinguished and highly qualified faculty possesses a practical teaching skill-set and actively engages in research and consultancy in the field, which creates an enriched learning environment. Department of Management Sciences is committed to providing a conducive environment and state-of-the-art facilities to the faculty and students to ensure a creative and progressive academic experience. Students will also engage with industry professionals, feel part of the corporate learning community, and thrive and achieve their best work.