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On behalf of the Department of Management Sciences, HITEC University, I would like to welcome you all. We are one of the fastest growing institutes that combines academic excellence, national spirit and a global mindset. We have outstanding faculty that pride itself on delivering valuable students experiences through combination of their knowledge and skills and excellence of programs, curriculum and co/extracurricular activities, thereby preparing our graduates for the competitive job market.

We place considerable emphasis on providing student with cutting edge education and skills in all the core disciplines while offering opportunities to specialize in these areas. We strive to enrich and equip the students to prepare them for rewarding employment opportunities. We have outstanding faculty with expertise in all the core disciples of Management Sciences Studies. Our faculty members participate in valuables discussions and engage with a wide diversity of students and experts from academia and cooperate sector. They are making valuable contribution to our department both as researcher and teachers.

Of course, no school can bring together outstanding faculty and students without outstanding staff. Their professionalism and dedication for our department sets us apart.

We draw strength from the identity as a part of HITEC University and our shared ambition for the future.

Embark on the voyage of discovery, originality, and uniqueness.

With Kindness.
Dr. Mahwash Ghafoor Chaudhry
Chairperson/ Assistant Professor