Innovative Business Seminar

  • Seminars
  • Wednesday, April 26, 2023
  • Nusrat Auditorium HITEC University Taxila

Directorate of student affairs organised a session to give a close up on innovative business. We had Asif Dada as our guest speaker who is a highly accomplished Agile transformation coach, social entrepreneur, and innovation expert. He has undergone specialized training in leadership and innovation from Harvard University. As a Senior Adviser for Razzaq Capital, he offers invaluable guidance to the US conglomerate involved in diverse fields such as pharmaceuticals, food distribution, real estate, and IT. Over the last two decades, Asif has played a pivotal role in transforming large public school districts in the USA as a cabinet level school administrator. Additionally, he has founded and collaborated with several startups in the US and Pakistan and is an integral part of the JumpStart Pakistan team. He share his experience with our students and guided them to becoming good businessman and entrepreneur.