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BS BioMedical Engineering

BS Biomedical Engineering is a multi-disciplinary bachelor degree program which is recently approved by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) after their initial zero visit in addition to approval granted by honorable Governor Punjab being the Chancellor of the University. BS biomedical engineering program at HITEC University aims to bridge the gap between engineering and medical sciences. It aims to improve the present health care system ranging from diagnosis tools, patient monitoring to therapeutic plans and drug design. The major aim of this program is therefore to impart appropriate engineering knowledge to students thereby enabling them to skillfully tackle any problem related to health care.

The curriculum is in line with the requirements of PEC and is comprehensive enough to meet all challenges and requirements of the field of biomedical engineering both locally and globally. The program is intended to train the students to take up any role in a variety of fields including industry, government, academia, hospitals and R&D organizations. It includes areas of studies such as Electronics and Instrumentation, Signal Processing and Control, Biomedical Physics and Bioinformatics, Biomaterials, Physiology, Biochemistry and Anatomy. The biomedical engineering program spans over eight semesters (four years) and the degree of BS Biomedical Engineering is conferred upon students after demonstrating satisfactory performance in the allocated 135 credit hours in addition to completion of hospital/industry internship.

Currently all the engineering core courses and labs are planned to be taught and conducted at HITEC University main building, while courses and labs of the medical sciences track are planned at HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences. Students would be also facilitated to visit HIT hospital to acquire acquaintance of medical tools and equipment. The students would be encouraged to avail library facilities existing at both institutes.