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BS Computer Engineering

The Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering (BSCE) program has been designed to produce quality computer engineers for taking competitive jobs in the national and international market relating to the field of computer engineering. This program focuses on the integration of concepts of software and hardware knowledge for design, development and operation of real-time computer systems. In the present era, the sophisticated computer-based systems permeate all spheres of life and are being actively used in a wide variety of engineering disciplines and technologies.

The BSCE discipline covers modern applications covering electronics, logic design, computer architecture, algorithmics, programming, signals & systems, communication networks, microprocessors & interfacing, communication systems, digital system design, embedded systems, parallel and distributed computing, communications systems, digital signal processing, digital image processing, etc. The BSCE curriculum meets requirements of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.

The duration of the program is 4 years (8 semesters) and consists of courses from a wide range of topics which are taught at foundation, breadth and depth level of computer engineering.

The foundation courses provide basic concepts to the students to understand fundamentals of computer engineering. The breadth level courses give exposure to a number of important areas closely related to the field of computer engineering and the depth level courses offer advanced topics and contain a substantial design component. In the last two semesters, every student is required to take a six credit hours’ final year project that involves design, testing, analysis and implementation of a prototype system, which covers both hardware and software. To thoroughly understand design concepts pertaining to the field of computer engineering, a number of mathematics courses have also been included in the curriculum.

We strongly believe that the in-depth knowledge of computer engineering and allied disciplines is extremely useful for our students in order to find right solutions for the complex engineering problems. In this context, our program consists of realistic proportion of computer and electrical engineering courses that make a solid foundation for the design and implementation of efficient and effective automated computer systems for their optimized performance.