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BS Electrical Engineering

BS Electrical Engineering is a broad-based bachelor degree program which includes study of subjects like digital and analog electronics, electromagnetic field, control systems, communication systems, power engineering etc. The curriculum is in line with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) requirements and thus the program is duly accredited. Six batches have passed out till date. As a consequence, the curriculum is comprehensive enough to meet all challenges and requirements of the field of Electrical Engineering at national and international levels. The program provides students with the skills required for a broad range of jobs in industry, government, academia, business and R&D organizations.

In an attempt to better serve our undergraduate students and to shorten the time between their discovering a problem and getting advice on the solution, the department has setup an “open advising” system. This counseling and support help students get through academic and administrative issues and establish a smooth working relationship with the department at large. A faculty member is assigned the duty of a class advisor. The students are encouraged to interact with him/her as well as with the entire faculty, so that, after the completion of BS program, they have better understanding and exposure of their field of choice.

The initial two years (four semesters) of the program are common for all students; however, from fifth semester and onward, elective courses are offered to make provision for the two major streams i.e. electronic & telecom engineering and power engineering. To support these streams, state-of-theart laboratories along with qualified staff are available in the department.

The courses are so designed that these establish strong academic foundation which ascertains candidates’ knowledge and skills for specialized and career- oriented opportunities. After completion of the program, BS Electrical Engineering degree is conferred upon the students. However, the transcript of individual student reflects the sequence of subjects as per adopted stream. The program spans over four years (eight semesters) and comprises 134 credit hours.