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BS Mechanical Engineering

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” William Butler Yeats

BS Mechanical Engineering is an undergraduate academic degree conferred upon successful completion of four year of studies at HITEC University. The curriculum is in line with the guidelines and requirements set by PEC as well as HEC.

The four year studies are split into eight semesters. It is a broad-based scheme and the curriculum, which culminates with a final year project, gives students a background that is essential to an engineering career. Mechanical engineering students take courses in statics, dynamics, theory of machines, vibrations, mechanics of materials, manufacturing processes, control systems, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, IC engines, heat transfer and many more.

Students are taught the latest in Mechanical Engineering that is well supported by six courses in Mathematics, two courses in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and one in Computer Engineering. All engineering subjects are fully complemented by requisite lab work to train the students on modern equipment and machinery. In Mechanical Engineering Department, the focus is on ‘learn by doing’. Our labs are at the core of this philosophy where students receive hands-on training in various fields along with application of software such as CAD/CAM/CAE/CNC ANSYS, MATLAB and computational fluid dynamics.

In pursuance of its policy to keep the students abreast of the latest technological developments, the Department continuously upgrades its labs by adding new equipment and instruments. In many respects, we excel and stand higher than many mechanical engineering departments of other engineering institutes in the country.