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MS Mechanical Engineering

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself” John Dewey

Today, more than ever before, the knowledge and skills of talented persons with advanced degrees in Mechanical Engineering are vitally needed to face technical challenges of 21st century. To achieve this goal, the Department offers MS in Mechanical Engineering.

The MS degree is awarded on completion of 30 credits of graduate courses including 6 credit hours of research thesis which is considered to be the centerpiece of a student’s graduate experience.

Typically, the MS students take courses of their choice from the list of courses offered in any semester. Although research project is assigned to a student on successful completion of coursework, yet the students are encouraged to take courses in the fields which they anticipate or are interested in for their MS research project.

Research topics for MS students typically, but not essentially, pertain to Composite Materials, Advanced Mechanics of Materials, Thermo-Fluids, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Manufacturing Systems, Robotics and Renewable Energy.

Students with BS degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering or Aerospace Engineering can be admitted into the MS program.