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PhD Electrical Engineering

The PhD Electrical Engineering is offered as per the guidelines of Higher Education Commission (HEC). The desirous candidates for PhD program must possess 18 years MS degree with a minimum CPGA of 3.00 out of 4.00.

The program comprises 18 credit hours of coursework and 30 credit hours of research and doctorate dissertation. The courses are selected in consultation with the PhD supervisor from the list of graduate courses.

The completion of coursework is followed by a comprehensive examination for granting PhD candidacy. The PhD dissertation is evaluated by two experts of technologically advanced countries and one local expert. Subsequent to positive evaluation from these experts, the PhD scholar is required to undertake an open defense to fulfill the degree requirements.

A minimum residency of two years at the university campus and publishing at least one research paper in an impact factor journal of good repute is also an essential requirement to earn a PhD degree.