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PhD Islamic Studies

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Islamic Studies is the highest degree awarded by the Department. The program comprises 18 credit hours of course work and 30 credit hours of research thesis. The courses are selected in consultation with the thesis supervisor. The progress of student is continuously monitored through the Guidance and Evaluation Committee (GEC).

The students eligible for admittance in Ph.D. program should possess an MS/M.Phil. degree with a minimum CGPA 3 out of 4 and should have passed GAT subject examination as per requirement of HEC, in vogue. The completion of course work is followed by comprehensive examination for granting candidacy as a Ph.D. Scholar. The program necessitates two years of residency in HITEC University.

The Ph.D. thesis is evaluated by one local and two foreign experts from technologically more advanced countries, as per requirement of the HEC. After positive evaluation from these experts, the Ph.D. Scholar is requiredto undertaken open defenseto fulfillthe degree requirements.

The degree is awarded in recognition of high level of scholarship, the ability to carry out independent research, and the publication of such research in national and international journals of repute. The Department encourages the researchers to work on current problems and futuristic issues related to the renaissance of Islamic thought, philosophy and scientific knowledge, leading to the ultimate truth.