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PhD Mechanical Engineering

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow” Anthony J. D’ Angelo

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mechanical Engineering is the highest degree awarded by the Mechanical Engineering Department and is recommended for students who are interested in leadership careers in academia or research and development pursuits in public or private sector organizations.

The doctoral candidate is expected to attain a level of expertise in some area of Mechanical Engineering, and must therefore choose a field and study the most advanced courses offered in that field.

PhD program is designed to give students the depth in mathematics and engineering sciences, developing analytical skills, together with intensive study and research experience in a specialized area of Mechanical Engineering.

The degree is awarded in recognition of high level of scholarship, the ability to carry out independent research, and the publication of such research in national and international journals of repute. The program comprises minimum 18 credit hours of graduate level coursework and 30 credit hours of research thesis.

The program necessitates two years of residency in HITEC University. The students eligible for admittance in PhD program should possess MS/ M.Phil. Degree with a minimum CGPA 3 out of 4 and should have passed GAT subject examination as per requirement of HEC, in vogue.

The specific course requirements for a doctoral student are set in consultation with his/her (GEC) Graduate Evaluation Committee to support the student’s area of research. The completion of coursework is followed by a comprehensive examination for granting candidacy as a PhD researcher. A positive evaluation of the research by one local and two foreign experts, as per requirements of the HEC, leads to an open defense of the thesis. Publication of at least one research paper in an impact-factor carrying journal of repute is also an essential requirement for the award of the PhD.