• 20 MAR
  • 2024

CPD Workshop

Every PhD faculty member conduct one CPD workshop each year for students and faculty members to enhance their skills, advance their careers, maintain professional standards, and foster personal development.
  • 23 NOV
  • 2023

Community Service Lecture (Fire Safety)

At HITEC University, fostering a culture of community service is more than just a commitment; it's a cornerstone of our educational philosophy. Through a blend of academic rigour and practical engagement, we instil in our students the values of social responsibility and active citizenship. Our Manager Administration's lecture on managing fire hazards not only serves as a vital educational tool but also underscores the importance of safeguarding our communities against potential risks. By addressing such pressing issues, we equip our students with the knowledge and skills needed to make a meaningful impact beyond the confines of the university campus.

Beyond these insightful lectures, our students wholeheartedly embrace the ethos of service, actively participating in a myriad of initiatives aimed at improving society. Whether it's organizing awareness campaigns, volunteering at local shelters, or participating in disaster relief efforts, our students consistently demonstrate their dedication to creating positive change. Through these experiences, they not only enhance their academic learning but also cultivate empathy, leadership, and teamwork skills essential for their future roles as responsible global citizens. At HITEC University, education extends beyond the classrooms, empowering students to become catalysts for social transformation.

  • 04 OCT
  • 2023

CV Making (Window to Industry Session)

A workshop was held for Mechanical Engineering students on how to make their CVs more presentable and professional. The guest speaker was Mr. Farrukh Shahzad, who completed his MBA from the University of Birmingham and is currently working as Registrar and head of HR at HITEC University. Mr. Shahzad has been involved in recruiting hundreds of candidates over the last decade, making him a valuable resource for students looking to improve their CVs. During the workshop, he guided students on which important information should be added to their CVs and which should be included on demand only. The session was part of HITEC University's efforts to make their graduates more successful in practical life.

The workshop was designed to help students understand how to make their CVs stand out from the crowd. Mr. Shahzad's experience in recruiting candidates gave students valuable insights into what employers are looking for in a CV. He emphasized the importance of including relevant information such as work experience, education, and skills, while also advising students to avoid including unnecessary details. By the end of the session, students had a better understanding of how to present themselves before any selection board or client.

Overall, the workshop was a success in providing students with practical advice on how to improve their CVs. By collaborating with industry professionals like Mr. Shahzad, HITEC University is ensuring that their graduates are well-prepared for the demands of the job market. The university's commitment to updating their curriculum and providing students with opportunities for professional development is a testament to their dedication to producing successful graduates.
  • 21 MAR
  • 2023

NAVTTC Training Academy

An MoU has been signed between HITEC University Taxila and NAVTTC for smooth execution of the training on different topics including Artificial Intelligence (Robotics), Industrial Automation, Mobile Application Development, Game Development and Modelling, and Mechatronics (Robotics). In the first batch a total of 165 candidates completed their training. The graduation ceremony was held in Iqbal Auditorium, in which, Honorable Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Kamran Afaq, and Director QAC Professor Dr. Tahir Nadeem Malik addressed students and their parents, and highlighted the impact of these trainings in practical life.

  • 01 MAR
  • 2023

Orientation of new faculty

Orientation of the newly inducted faculty is conducted twice a year. The aim of the orientation is to welcome the joiners and to engage the faculty in discussions about the teaching excellence, provide new faculty with information regarding the university policies, procedures, rules and regulations.
The orientation session was conducted during February 16-22, 2023 at Iqbal Auditorium. The orientation was attended by 50 faculty members of different Academic Departments.

  • 25 JAN
  • 2023

Artificial Intelligence workshop was held by Department of EE

A two day hands-on training workshop on the basics, coding, and implementation of Artificial Intelligence was arranged by the Department of Electrical Engineering. Workshop was conducted by Dr. Fawad Ahmed, Professor, Department of Cyber Security, NUST Karachi
  • 14 DEC
  • 2022

Hands on IoT Workshop

Computer Engineering Department conducted a Hands on IoT Workshop. Dr. Imran Ashraf was the resource person for the workshop. A total of 39 participants (23 from HITEC and 16 from outside HITEC) attended the IoT Hands on Workshop. By the end of the workshop, participants were able to develop and deploy basic IoT solutions.