Department of Islamic Studies


  • 03 MAY
  • 2017

1st International Conference on Contemporary Juristic Issues (ICCJI) 2017

Allama Muhammad Iqbal delivered his famous sermons for the guidance of Ummah, among them was his important topic of Ijtihad & revival of Islamic Law, to cope with the needs of the hour. Muslim scholars have always strived to accept the challenge of ijtihad in raising issues to provide timely guidance to the entire Ummah regarding their ever growing social, economic, political, medical and other concerning matters. In continuance to this significant struggle, HITEC University organized the 1st International Conference on Contemporary Juristic Issues (ICCJI) 2017 to provide an atmosphere for scholars to gather and discuss recent topics of importance with the urge to offer proper guidance in issues prevailing in the society. It is hoped that the deliberations and recommendations of participating scholars in the conference will be fruitful for bringing awareness in providing solutions to help our society breath in peace & prosperity: contented with their beliefs and deeds through the guidance of Sharia at anytime and anywhere in the world.