Department of Islamic Studies

Scheme of Studies

Code Title Credit Hours
Intermediate English I NC
HS-104 English I 3+0
MT-107 Math/Stat-I 3+0
IS-101 Tajwid Quran 3+0
AR-101 Arabic Language 3+0
CS-101 Computing Fundamentals 2+0
Code Title Credit Hours
Intermediate English II NC
HS-103 Communication Skills 3+0
IS-102 Quranic Arabic 3+0
IS-103 Study of Sirah of Holy Prophet(PBUH) 3+0
IS-105 Introduction to Logic 3+0
HS-102 Pakistan Studies 2+0
AR-102 "Arabic Language II (Comprehensio)
Code Title Credit Hours
Intermediate Pak Studies NC
IS-411 Professional Ethics 2+0
AR-201 Arabic Literature 3+0
IS-201 Textual Study of Holy Quran-I 3+0
IS-202 Islamic History 3+0
IS-203 Ulum-al-Quran 3+0
IS-210 Introduction to the selected topics of the Holy Quran 3+0
Code Title Credit Hours
IS-204 History and Compilation of Hadith 3+0
IS-205 Textual Study of Holy Quran-II 3+0
HS-402 Economics 3+0
IS-206 History of Islamic Law 3+0
IS-208 Al-Da’wah-wal-Irshad 3+0
IS-209 History of Tafsir 3+0
Code Title Credit Hours
IS-301 Textual Study of Quran III 3+0
IS-302 Textual Study of Hadith 3+0
IS-303 Contemporary Muslim World & Movements 3+0
IS-304 Introduction to world Religions 3+0
IS-305 Fiqh al-Quran 3+0
IS-311 Ulum-al-Hadith 3+0
Code Title Credit Hours
IS-306 Research Writing 3+0
IS-307 Muslim Family Laws 3+0
IS-308 Interfaith Dialogue 3+0
IS-309 Textual Study of Al-fiqh-al-akbar 3+0
IS-310 Study of Islamic Fiqh(Al-Ibadaat) 3+0
IS-313 Comparative study of IHL and Islamic international law 3+0
Code Title Credit Hours
IS-401 Islamic Law of Inheritance 3+0
IS-410 Usul-al-Fiqh-al-Islami 3+0
IS-403 Economic system of Islam 3+0
IS-409 Study of Hadith’s Text and Orientalists 3+0
IS-402 Quran and Sciences 3+0
IS-404 Research Project 3+0
Code Title Credit Hours
IS-405 Islamic Spirituality 3+0
IS-406 Gender studies and Human Rights 3+0
IS-407 Islam and Modern Political Thought 3+0
IS-408 Islamic History of Sub-Continent 3+0
IS-404 Research Project 3+0
Code Title Credit Hours
IS-801 Development of Quranic Commentary Literature and its Trends 3+0
IS-802 Diligence in Islam (Ijtihad) 3+0
IS-803 Objectives of Islamic Shariah (Maqasid al-Shariah) 3+0
IS-804 Islamic Thoughts and Sciences: Source Literature 3+0
IS-805 Islamic Philosophy 3+0
IS-806 Contemporary Issues: Islamic View Point 3+0
IS-807 Hadith Studies 3+0
IS-808 Principles of Tafsir 3+0
IS-809 Principles of Hadith 3+0
IS-810 Comparative Study of Tafsir Literature 3+0
IS-811 Principles of Fiqh 3+0
IS-812 Comparative Study of Different Juristic Schools of Thought 3+0
IS-813 Islamic Banking and Finance 3+0
IS-814 Management & Administration in Islam 3+0
IS-815 Islamic World View 3+0
IS-816 International Relations and Islam 3+0
IS-817 Comparative Study of Major World Religions 3+0
IS-818 Islam and Science 3+0
IS-819 Research Methodology 3+0
IS-820 Analytical Study of Seerah 3+0
IS-821 Ethics of Disagreement in Islam (Adab al-Ikhtalaf) 3+0
IS-822 Dawah Principles & Techniques 3+0
IS-823 Islamic Economics 3+0
IS-824 Islamic Political System 3+0
IS-886 MS Thesis/Two Courses 6+0