Department of Computer Engineering


  • 05 JUN
  • 2024

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS) for 6G Wireless Communications

Join us for an insightful workshop led by Dr. Raza Ali Shah, Chairperson of the Computer Engineering Department, on "Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS) for 6G Wireless Communications." This four-hour event will explore cutting-edge advancements in RIS technology and its transformative impact on next-generation wireless communications. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and insights from a leading expert in the field.

Date: 5, June 2024
Duration: 4 Hour Workshop
Lecturer: Dr. Raza Ali Shah (Chairperson of Computer Engineering) Registration Fee: 500 Student - 1000 Professional
Fee Submission: Easypaisa (03095046462)

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  • 27 MAY
  • 2024

Training Session on Thesis Writing

We are excited to invite you to a comprehensive training session on thesis writing tailored specifically for BS students. This session will equip you with essential skills and techniques to craft a compelling and well-structured thesis. You will learn how to formulate a strong research question, conduct thorough literature reviews, develop a coherent methodology, and present your findings effectively. Additionally, we will cover best practices for academic writing, citation management, and adhering to ethical standards in research. Join us to gain valuable insights and guidance that will help you succeed in your thesis journey and beyond.
  • 21 NOV
  • 2023

Industrial visit to HIT

Final year students from the CE department visited Heavy Industries Taxila, Cantt. They toured various projects and factories, including the Tank Factory, Heavy Rebuild Factory, and Descom Factory.
  • 08 NOV
  • 2023

Industrial Visit, Computer Engineering Department

The industrial visit to the incubation center of NUST provided the final year students of the Computer Engineering Department (CED) with a valuable opportunity to witness the practical application of the theoretical knowledge they have acquired during their undergraduate studies. The visit aimed to bridge the gap between academia and industry, allowing the students to gain insights into how their education translates into real-world innovation and entrepreneurship. The students were able to explore the NSTP incubation center, which houses 115 small enterprises where individuals from various universities are engaged in developing innovative technologies, products, and services. This firsthand exposure to the groundbreaking projects and the brilliant minds behind them served as an inspiring and enlightening experience for the students, igniting their passion for future endeavors in the field of computer engineering.

The visit to the NSTP incubation center offered the students a glimpse into the dynamic and vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurial ventures and technological innovation. Witnessing the incredible projects being undertaken by talented individuals provided the students with a deeper understanding of the practical applications of their academic knowledge. By interacting with the innovators and entrepreneurs at the incubation center, the students were able to gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities present in the industry, thereby enriching their perspective on the potential impact of their future contributions as computer engineering professionals.

Overall, the industrial visit to the NSTP incubation center was a pivotal experience for the final year students of the Computer Engineering Department at NUST. It not only reinforced the relevance of their academic pursuits but also inspired them to aspire to become part of the community of innovators and entrepreneurs driving technological advancements. The exposure to the diverse range of projects and the passionate individuals behind them served to motivate and empower the students as they prepare to embark on their own professional journeys in the field of computer engineering.
  • 12 JAN
  • 2023

PEC Capstone Expo – 2022

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is organizing the PEC Capstone Expo, which is a series of competitions among the engineering students of public and private sector universities across the country to exhibit their research skills imparted in their Final Year Design Projects (FYDPs) focusing on industrial solutions and societal problems. HITEC University Taxila has participated in the one-day Engineering Capstone Expo at Pak China Friendship Centre Islamabad on January 12, 2023, in which following projects were showcased:
  1. Solar Power Refrigerator is a Mechanical Engineering Department project, which was supervised by Mr. Ahmed Zaheer. The students, Mr. Ausfand Yar Ali, Mr. Ahsan Ali, Mr. Rana Umer Farooq and Mr. M. Nouman have fabricated a refrigerator powered by solar energy, making it free from the electrical grid. Refrigeration is achieved using vapor compression system by using a DC compressor.
  2. Seed Sowing Robot is a Mechanical Engineering Department project, which was supervised by Mr. Hammad Ahmed. The students, Mr. Muhammad Mazhar, Mr. Muhammad Awais, Mr. Maaz Anwar and Mr. M. Awais Siddique have developed a seeds sowing strategy that uses robotics in agriculture. The seed-planting machine is commanded via an Arduino UNO, which is used with wheels powered by DC motors. The seeds are disseminated in a consistent manner at each revolution of the wheels.
  3. Truck On Go is a Computer Science Department project, which was supervised by Mr. Muhammad Nouman Noor. The students, Mr. Hasham, Mr. Furqan and Miss Bushra have developed this software based project. It is an android app/web based truck booking application. It is similar to a cab booking service with added functionality, e.g. suggesting the vehicle type for a particular weight limit.
  4. Conversion of Vertical Milling Machine into CNC is an Electrical Engineering Department project, which was supervised by Mr. Shahbaz Khan. The students, Mr. Maarij iftikhar, Mr. Ahsan Zareen and Mr. Zahir Mushtaq have developed a CNC milling machine, which operates cutting tools that are programmed and managed by CNC systems to accurately remove materials from a work piece. The end result of the machining process is a specific part or product that is created using CAD software.
During the closing session of the PEC Capstone Expo - 2022, PEC has announced their efforts for following:-
  1. (Benefits for the students participating in the Capstone Expo
  2. Free PEC membership
  3. Arrangement for paid internship @Rs. 30,000/= per month
  4. Funding by PEC to the tune of Rs. 200,000/= for the selected FYDPs in future
  • 14 DEC
  • 2022

Hands on IoT Workshop

Computer Engineering Department conducted a Hands on IoT Workshop. Dr. Imran Ashraf was the resource person for the workshop. A total of 39 participants (23 from HITEC and 16 from outside HITEC) attended the IoT Hands on Workshop. By the end of the workshop, participants were able to develop and deploy basic IoT solutions.